Make the skies your personal playground with helicopter tours, skydiving, and more aerial attractions near Valencia Group destinations.


Skydiving Sans Airplane [Houston, TX]

If you want the thrill of plummeting out of an airplane without all that falling, iFLY Indoor Skydiving is a great choice. The huge vertical wind tunnel here allows you to float weightlessly in a column of air for close to an hour before landing softly on the ground, and with all the appropriate skydiving gear on, you’ll still have that adrenaline-pumping freefall sensation.

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Fog and Landmarks by Helicopter [San Jose, CA]

Chop your way through early-morning fog, zoom by the Golden Gate Bridge, and soak in the sparkling waters of San Francisco Bay from the comfort of one of San Jose Helicopter Charters’s birds. Take a tour of bustling San Jose and nearby San Francisco from the air, or simply charter a ’copter for the quickest ride between Silicon Valley and Santana Row.

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Rope, Wood, and Steely Nerves [Austin, TX]

If you’re in the mood for an active pursuit, gain elevation and navigate obstacles at Georgetown Challenge Course, one of the largest ropes courses in Texas and a 40-minute straight shot north of Austin via Interstate 35. The high ropes will put you 20 to 35 feet above the ground (with safety gear) for up to six hours of games, trapeze leaps, and high-wire walking that’s both thrilling and rewarding.

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