Take a piece of Texican Court’s Southwestern style home with you – the newest addition to Valencia Hotel Group’s Court brand in Irving, Texas. Here are four ways how from the hotels’ design experts themselves.


Spring (and spring cleaning) is just around the corner. And there’s no better time to add some new flair to refresh your home than now – more specifically, Southwestern flair. As you may have noticed, each of our properties has its own distinct design separate from the rest, from Old-World Europe to retro chic.  When it came to designing Texican Court, the new 152-room boutique hotel in Irving, Texas, we looked to design firm Rottet Studio to bring the space to life. The result? The merge of the Court brand’s retro style with area-inspired Southwest flair to create a space that tells its own story. Using some of the elements incorporated into the design of the Irving, Texas boutique hotel as cues, we share four expert tips from Rottet Studio’s Associate Principal, Chris Evans, that’ll have your digs looking delightfully Southwestern in no time.

Roughing It

One of the Southwestern style’s main calling cards is the use of texture. Walk into a ranch and you’ll see textured adobe walls, rustic wooden and leather furniture, and thick woven rugs. In Texican Court, textured patterns are used on guestroom couches and throw blankets. Bring your walls to life with texture paint in a warm beige to mimic the look of stucco. Or simply bring some texture in with a hand-woven Navaho rug, leather or hide throw pillows and rustic wooden accents. Rottet Studio suggests skipping over anything that looks perfect. The more distressed, handmade, and well-loved an item looks, the better (score!).

Devil in the Details

Getting an authentic Southwestern feel is about finding the right patterns. Rugs, pillows, and blankets are perfect opportunities for this. At Texican Court, the bedding is simple with accent pieces that pop against the white sheets. The complexity of native designs is suited for large rugs and oversized blankets, while smaller blankets and pillows are better served with stripes. To keep stripes from feeling nautical, look for designs that incorporate three or more colors in varying line widths.

Texican Court 

Make a Statement

One pop-out decoration can tie a whole room together. Look for authentic pieces comparable to Talavera pottery, a style of colorful pottery native to Mexico, or Pueblo pots from New Mexico. “The handmade quality of these pieces tells the story of the American southwest,” says Chris Evans of Rottet Studio. As for wall art, consider pieces similar to those of Ansel Adams’ Moonrise, Hernandez Mural or  Meeting House, Davenport. These prints create a desert vibe while maintaining a level of refinement.


Keep It True to You

Do you have a funky carpet that you just love or a collection of heirloom china on display? Keep them! At the end of the day, your home and the items within it should make you happy, even if they don’t seamlessly blend into a theme. If there is one thing Texican Court shows in its mid-century meets Southwestern flair, it’s that mixing different themes can create gorgeous spaces that are truly one of a kind.


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