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Think, McFly, think

You guys, take him in back and I'll be right there. Well c'mon, this ain't no peep show. Perfect, just perfect. No. That's right, twenty five years into the future. I've always dreamed on seeing the future, looking beyond my years, seeing the progress of mankind. I'll also be able to see who wins the next twenty-five world series. Well, bring her along. This[...]

It's about the future

Let's get you into a radiation suit, we must prepare to reload. Good morning. What Lorraine, what? Oh, just a little weather experiment. What did she say? It's your mom, she's tracked you down. Quick, let's cover the time machine. Indeed I will, roll em. I, Doctor Emmett Brown, am about to embark on an historic journey. What have I been thinking of, I almos[...]

Wait a minute

Unroll their fire. I'm gonna be at the dance. Marty, such a nice name. Well yeah, you know we have two of them. Silence Earthling. my name is Darth Vader. I'm am an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan. this has gotta be a dream. Ahh. Let's put him in there. Crazy drunk drivers. Marty. Marty. Marty. How can I repay all of this You wanna a Pepsi, pall, y[...]

Let me see that

Where? Aw yeah, everything is great. Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan. And he told me that if I didn't take Lorraine, that he'd melt my brain. I'll call you tonight. You know what I do in those situations? Great Scott. Let me see that photograph again of your brother. Just as I thought, this proves my theory, look at your brother. Kids, [...]