From Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE in the heart of Houston, the city is yours to explore – with only a comfortable pair of shoes and this guide needed to find your way around.

Ruggles Green

Walking time: 1 minute

Located adjacent to Hotel Sorella, this health-conscious restaurant whips up fresh dishes from lean cheesesteak paninis to quinoa linguini with turkey meatballs, giving you an all-natural burst of energy to fuel your tour of Houston proper.


Walking time: 2 minutes

It won’t surprise you to learn this is just steps away from the hotel that bears its name, but the sheer number of options at this hybrid indoor/outdoor shopping center might stun you. There’s a nice open-air shopping and dining experience in the courtyard, and dozens of shops and bars, plus live music and entertainment for your visit.

Olive & Vine

Walking time: 3 minutes

Located in CITYCENTRE, this tasteful and tasty store sells freshly pressed extra virgin olive oils that are perfect for drizzling on salads, cooking, and infusing with rich flavors, like charred vanilla and chili peppers. Taste test before you buy, but you’ll probably love anything you take home.

Studio Movie Grill

Walking time: 4 minutes

Air-conditioned against the Houston heat and packing a full food, beer, and wine menu, this is the perfect place to take in a movie in the afternoon, so long as you can avoid a quick nap in the leather swivel chairs that put bleacher seating to shame.

Bendwood Park

Walking time: 11 minutes

A small and relaxed green space in a busy glass-and-concrete city, this spot won’t force you to hoof it over bustling Interstate 10 and features plenty of quiet, shady spots to sit and take in tremendous views of the Houston skyline.

Sky High Sports

Walking time: 22 minutes

Those on business trips will especially appreciate the opportunity to feel like a kid again at this massive indoor trampoline park, where you can join a pickup basketball game and dunk with the help of the springiest court you’ll ever set foot on.

Buffalo Bayou Bike Trail

Walking time: 30 minutes

Wind your way south along busy Route 8, and you’ll arrive at the Buffalo Bayou, a slow-moving, heavily shaded river home to several parks. You can lazily float down the river, sure, but for our money, your best bet is to walk or bike on a rented set of wheels on more than 10 miles of trails.

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