The Space City is putting other, more notable fashion cities on notice with its devotion to wearable art. Here, we help you jump in for a fully immersive day.

In this final installment in our Local Deep Dive series, we examine how to dive headfirst into Houston’s high-end fashion scene. As the local response has shown, Hurricane Harvey certainly did not drown the spirit of Houston. And these shops and experiences are just part of Houston’s growing reputation as a spot for the highest of fashion, in the most custom and personalized of approaches.

The premise for the overarching series is simple: You certainly won’t be able to cover all the things to do and reasons Valencia Group hotels’ destinations are great in just one day. Instead, we’ve focused on a single, particular aspect of the local culture and found immersive tours or strung together a number of experiences ourselves to give you one jam-packed, themed day trip. Take, for example, our first in the series on taking to the hills and tech hubs of Silicon Valley behind the wheel of a Tesla, and our second on learning the secrets of cooking Texas barbecue with some of the best in Austin.

So for this final episode, what comes to mind when you think of Houston? Rodeos? Outer space (“Houston, we have a problem”)? The winning ways of the Houston Astros? If it’s not already, fashion should be in the conversation, too. While a term like “fashion city” might, for many people, conjure thoughts of New York, Paris, or Milan, Houston has carved out a strong name as one of the country’s most stylish hubs.

Forbes, Business Insider, and others routinely praise the Space City for its trove of boutiques and luxury shops – but a regular ol’ shopping spree isn’t what a fashion trip to Houston is all about. To really get a sense of the talent found in the city’s most affluent districts, this vacation starts and ends with fully personalized experiences.

The Experience

Discovering your look with seven of Houston’s top bespoke design shops

What You’ll Find

A new wardrobe that is literally made just for you

Where to Stay

Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE and Hotel Alessandra [Houston, TX]

Women should start with a head-to-toe styling session at fashion mecca Tootsies, a local institution since 1975. This boutique was the first in Houston to carry imported European couture, and its legacy of hand-picked designer couture continues today with VIP sessions in the West Ave store.

Men can overhaul their wardrobes without leaving their hotel rooms by booking bespoke sessions with Hamilton Shirts and Balani Custom Clothiers, both of which will come right to your room and size you up. Hamilton has been hand-making custom shirts in Houston since 1883, and Balani crafts one-of-a-kind suits from the ground up. Combining the two in back-to-back sessions results in a level of detail and personalized fit typically only found on Europe’s cobblestone streets.

From there, couples should reunite for three stops to stock up on accessories to complete their new ensembles. The intricate boots and belts that can be custom made at Maida’s Custom Footwear are works of art on their own. They pair perfectly with the handmade jewelry at Abejas Boutique, rare antique accessories at Tenenbaum Jewelers, and vintage frames from Smith’s Opticians. This A-lister vacation isn’t one for the faint of wallet, but the payoff is a show-stopping look that doesn’t sacrifice fit for comfort.

Looking for a little more modest fashion whirlwind?

With boutique-packed districts like The Galleria, River Oaks, and CITYCENTRE all calling Houston home, you’d have to try really hard not to find a string of luxury stores that suits your tastes. Since you’re already in CITYCENTRE if you’re staying at Hotel Sorella, hit Galleria, a high-end shopping center that sports big names like Prada, Versace, Gucci, Rolex, and Tourbillon.

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