The alchemists at these four Valencia Group destinations are whipping up colorful cocktails, and we have the skinny on the signature sips at each hotel.

Travis County Mule

Lone Star Court’s Water Trough serves up a great Texas Tea and a Northside Julep that evoke the area’s charms, but the star of the show might be the extremely potent yet refreshing Travis County Mule. The drink mixes local Dripping Springs vodka, fresh lime juice, and the crisp, spicy bite of Maine Root Ginger Brew into a cocktail you’ll probably enjoy multiple times.

Santana 75

Offbeat and upscale, Hotel Valencia Santana Row’s Vbar offers an eclectic mix of mixed drinks that draws heavily on local spirits. The Santana 75 is one of the more ambitious offerings, with crisp San Francisco No. 209 gin, fresh raspberries, lemon juice, muddled mint, and champagne mingling in a fizzy, easy-to-sip potion.

The Necromancer

Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE’s Milano Bar is chic and European-minded, which explains the number of absinthe-crafted cocktails on the menu. The infamous anise-flavored spirit is especially great in The Necromancer, a morbidly named drink that features Lillet Blac, lime juice, elderflower liqueur, and gin, alongside absinthe and a lively twist of lemon.

El Diablo

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk’s Vbar brings the heat with this aggressively named, aggressively flavored cocktail. Sidle up to the black granite bar, and taste the spicy kick imparted by habanero-infused tequila that sits for three days before being mixed into this potent potable, alongside citrus, crème de cassis, and ginger.