You’ll find endless Instagram-worthy spots when exploring our destinations, but some of the most eye-catching posts can come within our boutique hotels. You just have to know where to look.

It’s not often that, at once, a brand feels both completely cohesive and boldly distinct. But in the case of Valencia Hotel Group, the growing collection of boutique hotels remain unified yet unique – from chic high risers in the heart of Houston to Court Hotels dotted across distinct Texas towns. Which is why each boutique hotel boasts the same caliber of striking design and intricate detail while capturing its own piece of the local culture and character. It’s an artistic dedication that goes far beyond what you see when booking. Because even in the digital age, Valencia Hotel Group likes to leave some of the hotels’ most fabulous and funky features for you to find. Here are just a handful of the many Instagram-worthy sights, spots, and settings that await your discovery during your next Valencia Hotel Group stay.

Lobby Sky Cavalry Court

Check-in, Look Up

Cavalry Court [College Station, TX]

The lobby at Cavalry Court showcases the bright Texas sunshine we know and love through an intricately designed skylight that you may just miss if you don’t look up.

Lone Star Court Tub

Soak it In

Lone Star Court [Austin, TX]

Rustic sliding doors open to a luxury clawfoot tub that can soak up any lingering travel stress, complete with black-and-white tiled textures, plush towels, and the funky framed photo that fits the motto “Keep Austin Weird” just swimmingly.

The George Lobby

Hobby Lobby

The George [College Station, TX]

Chess, shuffleboard, checkers, and even an abacus adorn The George’s lobby surfaces, doubling as a nostalgic adult arcade to kick back and enjoy any time during your stay. Game on.

Vbar Red Bar

Reading Red

Hotel Valencia Santana Row [San Jose, CA]

The hotel’s ultra-swanky “Vbar,” serves up handcrafted cocktails atop a red-lit acrylic bar swathed with vintage Spanish comic strips for some entertainment with your drink.


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